Orthoptera Species File (Version 5.0/5.0)
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Characters to separate taxa in Orthoptera

length of antennae
less than 30 segments and shorter than body (exception: 3 species of Tanaoceridae from southwestern US and northern Mexico, cf. image)
many more than 30 segments (except for 4 species of Cooloolidae from Australia), usually longer than body (additional exception: Gryllotalpidae - mole crickets, cf. image)
ovipositor of females
not elongateusually elongate and easily visible (in Schizodactylidae very small)
auditory organs
if present, on first abdominal tergiteif present, on foretibiae (2 tympana or ear openings below the knee)
Caelifera Ensifera
NOTE: This key block needs additional work by a taxonomist.

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