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Characters to separate taxa in Pseudophyllinae

ventral anterior corner of metapleural episternum
with a small hump or spine sticking outwithout hump or spine
unarmed or with two widely separated and short spinesusually with a pair of fairly long spines (but there are species without spines)
broad and flat, anterior margin ledge-like or sharp-edged, furrows originating in the widely separated dimples directed obliquely inward and toward anterior margin and not crossingwith rounded, blunt or unbordered anterior margin, furrows originating in the frequently coalesced dimples initially crossing and then running obliquely outward toward anterior margin
geographic distribution
Old World tropicsNew World tropics (but Pterophylla camellifolia in Eastern US almost up to Great Lakes), western Africa, Madagascar and Australia
Pseudophyllinae (partial) Pseudophyllinae
    Phrictini (4 species from Australia) not included into this dichotomous key, only in alternate matrix version ["Alternate characters" link on top of this block] (partial)
Source: Beier. 1962. Orthoptera Tettigoniidae (Pseudophyllinae I). Das Tierreich. 73:1-468
NOTE: This key block needs additional work by a taxonomist.

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