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Characters to separate taxa in Tympanophorinae

from insufficient genus description of Tympanotriba
---apparently similar to Mortoniellus (Lipotactinae) but eyes round (also difference to Tympanophora) and frons transverse and not rugose, pronotum as long as wide, hind femora on ventral side with fine spinules, genicular lobes armed, fore and mid tibiae on ventral side with 6 spines, prosternum with 2 spines, mesosternal lobes pointed, metasternal lobes triangular --- differences to Megatympanon (Listroscelidinae): fore and hind femora on ventral side unarmed, cerci with preapical spinule
coloration and measurements of male Tympanotriba vittata
---green, antennae with chestnut-coloured rings; eyes, pronotal disc, stridulatory area, and apical half of hind femur yellowish brown; middle of pronotum, vertex and base of fastigium with blackish-brown stripe (continuous from fastigium to base of pronotum, gradually increasing in width, in metazone broadly interrrupted; hind knees chestnut-blackish; abdomen partly yellowish; body 15 mm, pronotum 4 mm, tegmina 9 mm (width 5 mm), mirror area or speculum 3.5 mm, hind femora 14 mm, hind tibiae 14 mm
    subfamily Tympanophorinae
Tympanotriba vittata
Source: Piza Jr. 1971. Studia Entomologica, N.S. (Petrópolis). 14(1-4):319-320
NOTE: This key block needs additional work by a taxonomist.

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