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Characters to separate taxa in Pneumoridae

large (males 35-81 mm, females 38-107 mm), cylindrical or subcylindrical, in males greatly inflated (probably specialization for sound propagation)medium-sized (males 11.5-22.5 mm, females 22-39 mm), laterally compressed, not inflated in males
face in profile
straight, slightly inclinedslightly excurved and inclined
development of wings

tegmina in males fully developed (left), in females shortened or strongly shortened and hidden under pronotum (right)

tegmina and hind wings in both sexes vestigial and hidden under pronotum (images of all 3 species in next block)
hind femora
strongly shortened, slenderslender, relatively long, particularly in males
phylogenetic relationships
subfamily Pneumorinae (Dirsh 1975)subfamily Parabullacrinae (Dirsh 1975), but the non-inflated males may be alternative morphs of inflated species (i.e. Pneumoracris browni = Peringueyacris namaqua, Paraphysemacris spinosus = Physemacris variolosus), the situation of Parabullacris vansoni with respect to the Bullacris unicolor complex is less clear (M. J. van Staaden's Pneumoridae website)
Pneumoridae (partial) Pneumoridae (partial)
Source: Dirsh. 1975. Classification of the Acridomorphoid Insects. 1-171; van Staaden 1997. http://caspar.bgsu.edu/~Mooi/pneumoToL.html

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