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Characters to separate taxa in Romaleini

Pronotum, lateral lobes uniformily colored or with lighter-colored areas or maculae in pro or metazonaPronotum, lateral lobes of general color of body, with neatly defined light-colored margin which is narrowest on anterior part, widens in lower part and is widest posteriorly
Tegminae, vannal region (upper surface of tegmen when folded) light-colored; below this area a black or piceous stripe along PCu or 1A veins; rest of tegmen uniformly colored green or purplish-green, or with light-colored areas or maculae variously distributed in different speciesTegminae, vannal region light-colored, then dark-colored stripe along PCu- 1A veins like Agriacris, below this, wide area of general color of body, light-colored marginal band on costal area, separeted from color above by black or fuscous stripe along C vein or before it, this stripe well marked on basal third of tegmen may weaken or dissappear altogether
Wings, membrane opaque, for the most part tinged with red, orange or yellow, apex and posterior margin of wing infuscated, costal area frequently of different color from rest of wing, the only transparent part being the resonatory area immediately caudad of stridulatory mechanism in 2nd vannal vein, and sometimes also the resonatory area anterior to itWings membrane uniformly transparent, sometimes slightly tinged with green
Hind femora lower median carinae and usually also lower inner carinae denticulated like upper median one
Hind femora carina smooth; in some species with very small, insconspicuous denticulations
Hind tibiae, inner spines very long, narrow and curvedHind tibiae, inner spine usually shorter, thicker and straighter than in Agriacris
Genitalia, upper endophallic valves long and smoothGenitalia, upper endophallic valves comparatively shorter, thicker and slightly corrugated laterally on apical part
Habitat, generally in humid forested areasHabitat, generally in open plant formations such as the Cerrado, Chaqueña or Pampean provinces
Distribution: Panama and Northern South America to Tropic of CapricornDistribution: Southern part of S. America, from the 10th to 36th parallel
Agriacris Staleochlora
Source: Roberts, H.R. & Carbonell. 1992. Journal of Orthoptera Research. 1:75-106

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