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Characters to separate taxa in Aleuasini

Fastigium angulatedFastigium rounded
Frontal carinae united in single ridge above insertion of antennaeFrontal carinae separated from clypeus to fastigium
Pronotum with median carina well marked to ridge-likePronotum almost obsolote
Pronotum, lower margins of lateral lobes noticeably angulate in the middlePronotum, lower margins of lateral lobes almost straight
Pronotum with prosternal tubercle compressedPronotum with prosternal tubercle conical
Proepisternum normally developedProepisternum very small
Tegmina with set of stridulatory transverse veins between RS and M in both sexes of all speciesTegmina without such transverse veins in most species
Tegument rugose-tuberculate, especially in thoraxTegument smooth or impressed-punctate
Coloration predominantly brown in all known speciesColoration generally green, rarely brown
Zygoclistron Aleuas
Source: Carbonell. 1969. Transactions of the American Entomological Society. 95:571-601

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