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Characters to separate taxa in Romaleini

Tegmina longitudinal veins with secondary veins between them, and many cross-veins
Tegmina, no secondary veins between longitudinal veins, each vein bordered by rows of rather large cells; crossveins absent over most of tegmen, in their place an irregular reticulum of veinlets forming great number of very small cells
Wings of various colors, with brown to black tessellation becoming more dense and coalescing towards posterior and apical margins where it forms continuous dark band (tessellation not present in one species)

Wings mostly suffused with red, violet or other colors, but without dark tessellation or dark band along hind margin
Median pronotal crest often weaker, sometimes obsolete on metazona

Median pronotal crest always present on metazona, where it is high anteriorly, gradually diminishing caudad
Hind femora with median dorsal carina smooth, not serrulated
Hind femora with median dorsal carina irregularly but definitely serrulated
Epiproct without lateral tubercles
Epiproct with lateral tubercles near posterior margin of 10th abdominal tergite (may be partially hidden by that margin)
Epiphallus, lophi truncated at apices
Epiphallus, lophi with pointed apices
Tropidacris Titanacris
Source: Carbonell. 1986. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. 138(2):366-402

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