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Characters to separate taxa in Aspidophymini

Antennae short; head retreating; interocular space ˜2 times diameter of antennal scape
Antennae very long, longer than head and thorax together; head suborthognathous; interocular space <2 times the diameter of antennal scape
Body stout, with hind femora hardly exceeding apex of abdomen
Body slender, with elongate, very slender hind femora, largely exceeding apex of abdomen
Not as right descriptionFastigium of vertex very declivent
Pronotum with a marked median carina, mesonotum and metanotum without any projectionMedian carina of pronotum obsolete
Not as right descriptionAlways strong laterodorsal oblically or subvertically directed projections between the 2nd and 3rd sulci of pronotum (male)
Aspidophymini (partial) Aspidophymini (partial)
Source: Amédégnato & Poulain. 1998. Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 91(5):532-548

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