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Characters to separate taxa in Turpiliae

        Pycnopalpa and relatives
development of Media vein and major decay-imitating marking on tegmina

distal portion of M intact, if there is a prominent marking in the middle of the tegmen it lies between the curved distal portion of M and its last rearward-directed branch (i.e. in the fork of M)

distal portion of M partly or completely rudimentary, marking situated on that rudimentary portion
Radius of tegmina (see images above)
R simply two-branched (apparently or really)R forming visibly a complex fork, anterior branch portion [fourchon antérieur] distinctly bifurcated
disc of pronotum
with or without delicate lateral marginswith delicate lateral margins or lateral margins displaced inward and forming a double heart-shaped figure
Topana (Topana) Turpiliae (partial)
Source: Vignon. 1931[1930]. Archives du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle. 5:57-212
NOTE: This key block needs additional work by a taxonomist.

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