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Characters to separate taxa in Pseudovilerna

Tegmina wider, with a finer reticulationTegmina narrower, with a slacker reticulation
Males, subgenital plate with a narrower end
Males, subgenital plate with wider end
Males, upper margin of last tergum with two juxta- median projections
Males, posterior margin of the last abdominal tergite with projections noticeably farther apart
Hind femora outer face monochrome, with band traces only on the dorsal areaHind femora with two light bands (facies ?) extending on the outer face
Not as left descriptionHabitus as in Figs.

Pseudovilerna reducta Pseudovilerna maculicrus
Source: Descamps & Amédégnato. 1989. Revue Française d'Entomologie (Nouvelle Serie). 11(1):17-28

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