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Characters to separate taxa in Deinacris picta

Males. Body coloration green with bright red ornamentation disposed as follows: 2 bands starting from the antennae and going round the anterior edge of eyes, dorsal face of fastigium; 2 lateral bands on the vertex; 2 post-ocular bands extending on the lower part of the lateral lobes of pronotum.Males. Body coloration green but with yellow ornamentation (disposed in the same way)
A big spot on the mesothoracic epimeron and the metathoracic episternumNot as left description
Prosternal spine with an acute, rather long hind protuberanceProsternal spine with a shorter protuberance
Body size biggerBody size smaller
Habitus as in Fig.
Not as left Fig.
Deinacris picta picta Deinacris picta lutea
Source: Amédégnato & Descamps. 1979. Annales de la Société Entomologique de France. Nouvelle série 15(3):423-487

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