Orthoptera Species File (Version 5.0/5.0)
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This website and the underlying database were prepared in cooperation with the Orthopterists' Society. The decision to proceed in this manner was deliberate for two reasons:  to provide continuity, and because of the magnitude of the job. The database should be a growing and evolving thing that continues past the careers of those who have responsibility for it from time to time. This database was started by Daniel Otte, enhanced first by Piotr Naskrecki and later by David Eades.  Someday David Eades will relinquish the responsibility, and it will be up to a committee of the Orthopterists' Society to select a successor.  In addition to the matter of continuity, it seems clear the tasks of maintaining the site and updating the database to keep it current are too much for any single person.

Members of the Orthopterists' Society are invited to participate in making this website and database better.  Participation can be at various levels.

The Orthopterists' Society has funds available for support of database work in amounts that vary from year to year.  The Orthoptera Species File Committee is responsible for determining the recipients of such funds.  Committee members are:

Committee members are appointed by the President of the Orthopterists' Society.  The responsibilities of the committee are:


In addition to those listed on the home page, Marilyn Beckman, Lesley Deem, Richard Flood, Elizabeth Frank, Peggy Hill, Mike Maehr, Fay Mayer, Patti Peek, David Rentz, Klaus Riede, Hugh Rowell and Thomas J. Walker have contributed to the development of or entered data into the OSF database.  The illustration on the home page at the left comes from Orthoptera Species File, version 1.  To view copyright information or other attribution for one of the randomly-displayed images, click on the image caption. This will take you to the taxa display for the pictured species.  Click on the same image to see associated information.

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